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Brrr! Protect Your Outdoor Furniture from Winter Weather

outdoor furniture covered in snow

It’s a frosty morning and as you enjoy a hot cup of coffee you’re looking outside and remembering all the fun you had on the patio this year. Reading books in the sun, wonderful dinners cooked on the grill, friends over for cocktails – Good times! But your outdoor furniture is probably wondering when you’ll get around to protecting it from the cold weather.

At Williamsburg Wicker, in addition to believing our furniture has personality, we know how important it is to prepare outdoor furniture and accessories for winter.

Here are some tips to keep your outdoor furniture in good condition so it lasts for many seasons.

Consider outdoor furniture covers: If storing furniture inside isn’t an option, outdoor furniture covers can help protect against the elements. Make sure you use a material that breathes so any moisture will be able to evaporate.  Check the covers from time to time to make sure they’re still fitting well and haven’t blown into the neighbor’s yard. For smaller pieces of furniture or accessories deck or patio storage boxes are great. To purchase covers online, we recommend the Coverstore.

Get those cushions inside: No matter what kind of material they’re made of it’s a good idea to bring cushions and accessories inside for the winter season. Fabric cushions with removable covers can be cleaned according to the tag instructions and other types should be spot cleaned. Once they are clean and dry pack them away in boxes or plastic bags. If your outside area isn’t covered it’s beneficial to bring cushions inside during the warmer months when bad weather is in the forecast.

Give wicker furniture extra attention: At Williamsburg Wicker our selection of wicker patio furniture is a great option because it’s lightweight and won’t rust. Be we know from experience that wicker furniture is susceptible to winter damage. Wicker is a thin material and when exposed to moisture it’s prone to wood rot. Mold can also take hold in the small spaces between the woven patterns. Your best bet is keep freezing water away from wicker altogether by getting it under cover somewhere. The bonus here is that it’s so light moving it around is a breeze.

Teak is tough: Of all the outdoor furniture we have in our inventory, teak is by far the most resistant to everything the weather can throw at it. Our teak patio furniture naturally repels moisture and has natural oils that prevent wood rot and protect against UV damage.  It can easily withstand the Virginia winter, but it still needs some love. You can use a specialized products to clean and condition it as well as to slow down the aging process. Keep in mind that teak ages beautifully, so you’ll need to decide how much exposure to the elements will give you the desired look. Our designers can help you get the right teak patina for your patio.

No cushions? Sling Furniture Stays Dry: Our selection of sling patio furniture is great because it’s stylish and low maintenance, even in the winter. Made of a lightweight material that’s resistant to winter weather and overall wear and tear. The sling fabric is especially good at staying dry because it’s designed to all water to easily pass through without sacrificing solid construction. It provides great support and there’s no need for cushions so there’s one less thing to winterize.

Aluminum shines in bad weather: When it comes to enduring all types of weather you can’t be our inventory of aluminum outdoor furniture. It can be left outside in any season because the frost or rain doesn’t affect it at all. While it’s basically rust-proof long-term exposure to the elements may impact the finish. So in addition to giving it a quick cleaning periodically (just some soap, water and the garden hose) you may want to consider furniture covers when it isn’t in use during a chilly winter.

Poly Patio Furniture Power: When people ask our design team what type of patio furniture is the easiest to maintain we always answer ‘Poly.’ That’s also why Williamsburg Wicker has the largest selection of premium poly patio furniture in the region. In addition to looking fantastic, poly is super durable and can stand up to sun, rain, and snow. After a frosty winter it simply needs a quick spring cleaning because the material won’t collect mold or mildew.

At Williamsburg Wicker, our inventory has the perfect match for all your outdoor spaces. Whether it’s furniture that’s durable no matter what the season or accessories that bring your décor to the next level, our designers can help you create the ideal patio, deck, or porch space. Contact us today or stop into our store – Let’s work on a beautiful design together!

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