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Key Qualities to Look for in a Skilled Interior Designer

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When you’re looking to transform a space inside of your home, partnering with the right interior designer can make all the difference. But finding the interior designer that’s the best fit for you can be a challenge – especially if you’re not sure exactly what to look for. How do you identify the right candidate for your specific interior design project? What characteristics set the best interior designers apart?

At Williamsburg Wicker, we have decades of experience helping our clients to design both interior and exterior spaces. Here, we’ll outline 10 of the key qualities that distinguish talented, high quality interior designers.

10 Characteristics of High Quality Interior Design Professionals


This may be an obvious requirement for an interior designer, but it’s truly an important one. A skilled interior design professional should exude creativity and have the ability to bring fresh, innovative ideas to each project. He or she should be able to envision unique concepts for your specific space and specifications, and tailor the design to your exact preferences and needs.

Technical Proficiency

Beyond creative flair, a proficient interior designer possesses a strong understanding of design principles, spatial planning, and construction techniques. He or she should be experienced in using current design technology and programs to put together and preview your designs, and should have the technical expertise to execute complex projects seamlessly. Without this your designer – and, as a result, your project – will inevitably fall short.

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving Skills

Skilled interior designers must be able to think both aesthetically and functionally in order to create space that both looks beautiful and functions seamlessly. Many design projects present challenges that require creative solutions. A top-notch interior designer will be adept at problem solving, able to think critically to provide designs that solve problems both from an aesthetic perspective and practically.

Attention to Detail

Along with critical thinking and problem solving skills, attention to detail is key for interior designers. From working with exact measurements and space constraints to selecting the perfect color scheme and choosing the ideal furniture pieces, attention to detail is crucial in achieving a flawless design. A skilled interior designer will meticulously consider every element of your space within the context of your specifications to create a detailed, one-of-a-kind design.

Passion for Design & Awareness of Current Trends

Speaking of design, the best interior designers in Williamsburg are driven by an authentic passion for their craft. You should be able to sense genuine excitement about your project from your very first meeting with your interior design professional. Their enthusiasm should shine through their work, and they should be truly dedicated to (and excited about) delivering exceptional designs that exceed your expectations. A passionate designer will also be on top of current design trends and styles, ensuring that your final outcome is a space that brings together your unique style with what’s currently up-to-date in the world of interior design.

Time Management & Budgeting Skills

As with any home design or contracting project, the ability to meet deadlines is crucial. A reliable designer will be organized and efficient throughout the duration of your project. Be wary of designers who promise unrealistic timelines from the get-go. Along the same lines, a top-notch interior designer will be constantly cognizant of your budget and won’t push you out of your comfort zone when it comes to financing your project. You want someone who will under-promise and over-deliver, ensuring timely, on (or under) budget completion of your project without compromising the quality of the work.


Interior design projects change and evolve constantly. Whether your needs or preferences change or you’re forced to work around schedules or product availability that is out of your control, you’ll need an interior designer who is able to adapt and remain flexible throughout the duration of the project. He or she should be able – and willing – to adjust his or her approach and accommodate changes in requirements and preferences every step of the way.

Transparent, Effective Communication

The key to any great relationship is effective communication. With an interior design professional, effective communication is essential from the start of the project until its completion. The best interior designers listen attentively to thoroughly understand your initial vision. They communicate clearly and honestly in a timely fashion about adjustments or changes to expectations. Ultimately, it’s their job to translate your vision into reality, keeping you looped in throughout the entirety of the project. To do so, a great interior designer must be an exceptional communicator.

Collaboration Skills

Being a successful interior designer requires a unique mix of art and personal skills. While there are many creatives in the world, there are fewer artists who also possess the ability to collaborate well with others. Because interior design projects often involve partnering with clients, architects, contractors, vendors and other professionals, cooperation and collaboration are key! A skilled interior designer will foster a positive working relationship with everyone involved in the project, effectively coordinating and collaborating with all team members to achieve the finished product you’ve envisioned.

A Client-Focused Approach

Finally, a high quality interior designer should prioritize building a successful working relationship with his or her clients, and should truly value client satisfaction. Your designer should take the time to understand your lifestyle, preferences, and budget constraints, designing an interior space that reflects your personality and enhances your living environment. His or her focus should be on meeting your unique needs and specifications, creating a design that you’ll love for years to come.

Looking for a Skilled Interior Designer in the Williamsburg VA Area?

If so, you’ve come to the right place! At Williamsburg Wicker, we take pride in helping our clients to make the indoor and outdoor spaces they’ve dreamed of a reality. We have decades of experience helping our clients and customers create spaces that make them feel truly at home. We even provide in-store interior design services at no charge!

From room layouts to furniture and fabric selections, we can help you give your space new life and create a room that feels uniquely yours. You can learn more about our interior design services here.

Schedule a free design consultation with us today or give us a call at (757) 565-3620 today to learn more!

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