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Does Poly Furniture Get Hot in the Sun?

Brown Polywood Vineyard dining table with 6 chairs

Poly furniture is an excellent choice for patio furniture in Williamsburg and the Hamptons Roads Region. It’s a durable, low-maintenance and eco-friendly wood alternative, that actually looks like real wood.

Made from heavy-duty, long-lasting plastic, poly furniture is rustproof and pest-resistant. It doesn’t crack, fade or scratch, and its weight makes it less likely to blow over in a storm, but poly furniture can get hot to the touch if left in the direct sun for too long.

Tips to Keep Your Poly Furniture Cool

Poly furniture can heat up in direct sunlight, making it difficult to sit on or touch if left in the sun. To help keep your poly furniture cool, consider these expert tips.

Place it in a Shady Location

When deciding where to place your poly furniture, it’s important to consider how much sun it will get during the day. Unlike lightweight patio furniture, poly chairs, tables and lounges can weigh a lot, making them hard to move in and out of the sun repeatedly. If you’re worried about your furniture getting too hot, consider making its permanent home in a shady part of your yard, on a porch, or under a gazebo.

Select a Lighter Color

Dark colors, like black, dark brown, forest green and navy blue, are especially prone to heating up in direct sunlight. If your poly furniture will be exposed to the sun, or if you’re purchasing poly chaise lounge chairs for around your pool, opt for white or other lighter colors to keep your poly furniture cooler in the summer sun.

Use Cushions

Seat cushions create a barrier between you and the hot furniture, and can protect your chairs from direct sunlight. Even without the sun, cushions tend to make poly furniture more comfortable. The heavy-duty, rigid nature of poly furniture means it won’t conform to your body or “break in” over time. Waterproof, fade-resistant cushions offer comfort and provide a pop of color, textures and patterns.

Invest in an Umbrella

A simple patio umbrella can help block out the sun and keep your poly furniture cooler. Umbrellas come in a limitless variety of colors, as well as multiple shapes and sizes to accommodate nearly every outdoor space. As an alternative, adjustable shade solutions, such as retractable awnings or shade sails, allow you to control the amount of shade provided based on the intensity of the sun.

Affordable, High-Quality Poly Furniture in Williamsburg, VA

Despite its propensity to heat up in the sun, poly is a popular choice for patio furniture. It’s low-maintenance, highly durable, eco-friendly, and easy to keep cool with a little ingenuity. If you’re looking for a new patio furniture set, poly is definitely worth a look.

Williamsburg Wicker Patio & Home features the largest selection of premium outdoor poly furniture in Williamsburg and the Hampton Roads area. We offer an extensive collection of poly dining sets, chaise lounges, sofas, seating, accent tables and more, from the leading outdoor patio furniture brands.

Browse photos of select products online, then visit our store for more options and inventory. During your visit, our experienced designers can provide you with a free in-store design consultation and help you choose the best pieces, cushions, fabrics, and accessories to complete your outdoor living space.

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